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Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Do you have dreams of owning your own home? Finding a job? Buying a new car?

Whatever your life goals, the Resident Services department at Manatee County Housing Authority can help you identify and reach them. The Family Self-Sufficiency program is a program available to residents of Village Central or Pine Village and designed for families who are interested in becoming self-sufficient.

For us, self-sufficiency means:

  • The head of household has obtained employment and
  • All family members are free of cash assistance for 12 months
    30% of the monthly adjusted income meets or exceeds the fair market rental rate for their current unit.
  • Working towards self-sufficiency alone can be difficult, but with the FSS program you don't have to.

    Our resident services department will help you address some of the major hurdles, such as:

  • Finding childcare
  • Locating transportation
  • Help finding a (better) job
  • Going back to school to get more education and training
  • Improving your credit
  • Overcoming a criminal background

  • When you participate in the FSS program, or get help from our Resident Services Department you will receive one on one mentoring and guidance. While it is still up to you to take control of your goals and dreams, you will find a network of support to help you along your way.

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